An incredible 1956 Rolex Oyster Submariner model 6536-1. Serial number 155950, Movement: Calibre 1030. Movement number: 690101. The watch is dated II 1956. The 6536-1 is slightly smaller and thinner than the 6536, it is also a chronometer the 6536 is not, it is undoubtedly the rarer and more desirable of the two. The 6536-1 is the 6th generation of submariners and was manufactured between 1955-1959. During the 1950's (1954-1958) seven Rolex submariners models were made. This model is 38mm in diameter, the crown 6mm and has a depth capability of 100m and also was chronometer rated. These early models would have a gloss black dial with a gilt rail track indicating the minutes. The hour markers would have been applied radium, same as the hands. The rotating bezel was not made of stainless steel. This watch has its original dial, hands; including the large sweep hand, the case and bezel. The watch has escaped a service replaced dial, though as new the plexi, tube and crown have been changed.  The bracelet is an original steel riveted bracelet by Rolex. The early models were fitted with riveted bracelets that were spring loaded like an expanding bracelet and some were fitted without the springs. This bracelet is genuine for the watch, though the clasp has been altered or changed at some time. The clasp is marked 1.67.