A French 18ct yellow gold jesters marotte brooch set with diamonds, guilloche enamel and a pearl in silver on gold. The early Victorian era marotte brooch depicts a female jester with red and blue guilloche enamel. A marotte is a prop stick or scepter with a carved head on it. Jesters usually used a marotte. The word is borrowed from the French, where it signifies a fool's "bauble". Typically carried by a jester or harlequin, the miniature head will often reflect the costume of the jester who carries it, making this representation of a female jester extremely rare. The intricately carved gold face and bust is embellished with ribbon flairs set with red and blue guilloche enamel and grain set rose cut diamonds. The marotte is terminated with a fully drilled Persian Gulf pearl, tipped with a rose cut diamond collet set in silver.